About Us


My wife, sons and I are located in southeast South Dakota near the Big Sioux River. I have grown up with retrievers my entire life and cannot imagine being without one. I have learned many things through the years growing up with a professional dog trainer as a father, but feel like there is always something new to learn. I believe in having well-trained retrievers for use in the field as well as participating in retriever contests. For us, the dogs are very much a part of family life, but also a useful companion in the field. We breed our retrievers to improve the dog as a whole and take pride in doing research to find the best match for our dogs. Our dogs have high drive and excel in the field. Our bloodlines come from competitive dogs with trainability and a desire to please.

Much of the fall you can find us in the fields of South Dakota or western Minnesota, where my family still operates a kennel facility. I have a passion for the outdoors and believe you can see that in our dogs.