Robert Sayles

Located just south of Sioux Falls, SD


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​Big Sioux Retrievers Purchase Contract

Big Sioux Retrievers will warranty hips and eyes for 26 months pending contract requirements:

Any puppies/dogs spayed/neutered before the 26 months are void of warranty. Any dogs bred prior to completion of ofa x-rays are void of warranty.

Any trauma to puppies/dogs that may result in less than passing hips or eyes are void of warranty.

Big Sioux Retrievers breedings will be screened for dm, eic, cnm (labradors), pra.

Big Sioux Retrievers has the right to request a second opinion of a veterinarian of choice for any health review. 

In the event a warranty is needed it will be of an equal valued puppy to the purchased price of affected puppy/dog.

Big Sioux Retrievers has the right to take possession of the affected dog, or request proof of spay/neuter in the event a replacement puppy is requested. This is subject to a case by case basis.

All transportation costs will be paid by purchaser unless agreed upon by Big Sioux Retrievers on a case by case basis. (We will try to accommodate)

Big Sioux Retrievers bred dogs and puppies shall not be used to produce dilute, dilute carrier, doodles or other designer dogs. Doing so is a breach of contract and puppy or dog will be forfeited to Big Sioux Retrievers.

By purchasing a Big Sioux Retrievers puppy or dog buyer understands and agrees to these terms.